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PCX Firewall 2.x Man Pages

Config - Global configuration variables.
Interfaces - Keeps track of network interfaces you define.  Used by the rule generation code if you specify the special strings inInterfaceIP and outInterfaceIP for s or d parameters.

Filter - Filter table module.
NAT - NAT table module.
Mangle - Mangle table module.
Proc - Proc related methods to manipulate entries in the proc file system. (New as of 2.8)
Modules - netfilter modules support. insmod's any specified module with any specified parameters, but only if it isn't already insmod'ed and if it exists in your kernel as a module.(New as of 2.14)
Network - helps you define the network/host entries you want to use throughout your rules. Outputs shell variables for each entry you create so you can reference the shell variable NETWORK_x where x is the index number of your entry. (New as of 2.17)

Rules - Where you determine what happens when starting and stopping the firewall.