Modules - The PCXFireWall netfilter insmod interface.


  use PCXFireWall::Modules;
  my $modules = PCXFireWall::Modules->new;
  # specify that we need the conntrack module.
  $modules->register(module => "ip_conntrack");


Modules is the netfilter insmod interface Object for the PCXFireWall.


  scalar new(void)
    Creates a new instance of the PCXFireWall::Modules object.
    Initializes the modules hash.
    By default ip_tables, iptable_filter and ipt_LOG are specified
    to be loaded.
  void kernelType(type)
    type is either modular or monolithic.  If monolithic, then when
    display() is called, the output will not be generated.
  void display(fh)
    This routine will write the rules to the file via fh.  This is
    called by the generator script.
  void displayShellFunction(fh)
    This routine will output the necessary shell function to the file.
    This is called by the generator script.
  void register(module, params)
    required: module
    optional: params
    summary:  This makes an entry in the modules hash which specifies
              the modules that need to be checked for and any options
              they need to be insmod'ed with.


  modules - hash of modules that need to be checked for and insmoded
            if not present or compiled into the kernel.
  kernelType - keeps track of whether or not you want the rules
               generated.  By default is 'monolithic', which means no
               code will be generated to try and insert modules, etc.
  NOTE:  All data fields are accessible by specifying the object
         and pointing to the data member to be modified on the
         left-hand side of the assignment.
         Ex.  $obj->variable($newValue); or $value = $obj->variable;


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