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What is the PCXFirewall?

It is a Toolkit of perl libraries that allow you to define firewall rules for the Linux netfilter/iptables subsystem.

Then there is the Rules module which implements specific firewall scenarios using the Toolkit.  The VeryTight2 rule module is the recommended rule module to work with.

To make creating and editing the VeryTight2 config files (which are xml based) easier, use the Web Frontend.

See the SourceForge Logo Project Summary Page for the latest news, file releases, etc.

You need to download the Toolkit and Rules packages to be able to do anything usefull with the PCXFirewall software.

The latest versions are:

CGI Frontend1.7

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security.linux.com article - A Linux firewall primer

Security Info

All files released as of 10/2002 are now being GPG signed and tarballs also have an MD5sum file included. Go here to get the public key to verify the files with.